• Chris Mark

    Chris Mark

    Navigating markets, trading, and life. Systematic Trader ― Global Macro Enthusiast ― Hobby Writer ― Performance Nut. www.trading-manifesto.com

  • Valentin Vincendon

    Valentin Vincendon

    Tech, investing & personal growth | VP Strategy @ Checkout.com | ex McKinsey & J.P. Morgan πŸ‘‰ free weekly newsletters: valentin.vincendon.com/newsletters

  • Fanis Sofianopoulos

    Fanis Sofianopoulos

  • Peianchen


    Hedge Fund analyst

  • Akis Papageorgiou

    Akis Papageorgiou

    Conversational AI @ IBM | AI Virtual Agent Architect | AI Conversational User Experience |

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